ESPN Shop Marketing Critique.

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After surfing and their entire web sites offering's, one can find many advantages on every page. From the account sign-up process to the end checkout process, there are many helpful links throughout the that make shopping on the internet even easier. However, a few improvements could help make shopper's experiences increase. ESPN Shop embodies the ESPN brand by promoting the brand through different public relations. In order to see all of these benefits, one must start with opening an account.

For one, the account sign-up process is easy and the ability to save billing information immediately makes it convenient so one does not have to fill out the billing information every time they make a purchase. The sign-up process web sites is self-explanatory with the important information that must be filled out highlighted with red stars. This is helpful to make it more difficult to make mistakes.

Even if any important areas are missing in the form, the form pops back up and the missing information is both in highlights at the top of the page and the line where the missing information belongs. One improvement could be to eliminate repetitive questions about receiving e-mail updates on future promotions, which is asked in both the account sign-up and the checkout process. ESPN Shop does look into the demographics of all their members through their 'tell us about yourself' section.' They ask about the member's sex, age, the sports they participate in and their shoe size. The background and interests and preferences questions are beneficial to the company in finding out what type of people buy what type of merchandise, furthering their market research improvements stage. Not only does ESPN Shop help them figure out customer needs but they also help organize the customers need for themselves...