This is an essay about my view on my parents' divorce. I made it as vivid as I could to let others see how hard it can be, but to just realize that things will heal with time.

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For some kids, the death of a parent or even a close relative is enough to turn their world upside down. They go through withdrawal, denial, depression and sometimes make themselves sick. They will never be the same. For me these feelings came as a result of my parents last argument of every kids dreaded thought: Divorce.

About three years ago, my parents had the most ear-piercing argument in their room. I couldn't stand listening to them and I tried to look for my older half-sister. She was gone. Figures that she would run out at a time like this. The door opening from their room startled me as both my parents came down the hallway where I was standing. My mom immediately pointed at me, with tear-filled eyes and screamed at my dad, "Do you see how this is effecting her?! You're making her cry, Ian! You can't do this to us anymore!" I had no idea what she was talking about; all I was thinking was why they were fighting and why did I have anything to do with it? I was crying and screaming for them to stop, but my dad wouldn't listen and tried to calm my mom down, telling her she was out of line.

I was immediately overwhelmed with fear I never knew I had. All my life my mother was the one who took care of me because my dad was busy with his two jobs. Now all of a sudden, I felt I needed him. I felt that I somehow couldn't live a normal life without him. Something inside me kept in all my anger toward my mother. Part of me wanted to be strong for my father, but the other part just didn't want to deal with the...