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Observation in Work Place

Communication, Culture, Conflict, & Technology

In Work Place

Organizational Behavior


Work place has created an excellent environment for new ideas and thoughts to be

created and developed. With Communication, Culture, Conflict and technology often

normal occurrence in teams. Oftentimes, with conflict, comes growth. The key towards

"productive" conflict is understanding what conflict is and what types are appropriate

and inappropriate. This paper will focus on three levels of conflict: prevention,

definition, and resolution.

There are methods that can be practiced in the attempt to prevent work team

conflicts. There are strategies the team leader can use to spot early signs of conflict.

Prevention techniques can and should be used as soon as a team is established so that

every member can help identify and prevent conflicts. Communication within the work

place needs to be open and honest, giving everyone the opportunity to state their

individual opinions.

Fairness and respect for one another should always be focused on

preventing conflicts between team members.

The team leader should play the key role in preventing and resolving conflicts

within a team. Leaders should manage altercations in their earliest stages so that they

don't have a chance to erupt into a higher level of conflict. A good team leader should

always be prepared to handle conflicts as best as they can in a professional and non-bias


The attitudes of members within a team can be the biggest cause of conflicts. Knowing

this, they must be prepared to react professionally to other people's different

personalities and opinions. Showing respect for one another will help ensure conflicts

between members are productive, and not destructive. It is beneficial to a team to

recognize the difference in cultural backgrounds between one another. They should not

expect to all think alike and agree...