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By the time I woke up, there was a big oxygen bag next to me which had a tube connected to a mask on my mouth. It felt a little itchy; I guess that was how I was wakened. Later, I was told that I passed out right after the Tibetans put on the Hatas on my neck in Tibetan airport. I was embarrassed but more of it, I was worried. To most people, it might seem like an adventurous trip to the highest plateau on the earth; to me, it was the primary resource gathering for my Extended essay on Dalai Lama and the Chinese communist party.

Being a Chinese, writing my extended essay topic on something as controversial as this one is not always as easy. I was told I was a 'nut' when my Chinese friends found out I was researching his topic; I was asked to talk to the school dean from the Chinese department when the school heard about my extended essay plan; my parents gave me a two hours long lecture on how dangerous it could be on provoking the Chinese government by doing this topic.

However, with all those difficulties and troubles, I was finally here, to wrap up my extended essay with primary resource.

Attended to a local primary school full of rocket scientists' children, the Chinese education system had a huge influence on me. Always being obedient to the teachers, the text books were 100% reliable and getting the final answer with fancy tactics in mathematics seemed to be the best way to prove one's intelligence. However, in the year 2004, I not only experienced a physical move to an International school, but a total mental revolution. Everything fixed was then questionable. For the first time in my life, I...