This is an essay I wrote for my Marketing class. It decribes everything that has to do with becoming a resturant manager.

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Restaurant Manager


Restaurant managers are in charge of general operation of restaurants. Restaurant Managers have many tasks including purchasing equipment and food and planning the menu with the chef. They monitor employees and staff members making sure everyone is happy. Manager's check to make sure food quality is at the best it can be, and costumers have no complaints. They schedule staff so that the restaurant has enough workers for each shift. They also hire responsible employees that will benefit their company. Some manager's help in developing marketing plans for their restaurant, otherwise known as the 4 P's. Managers also assist is payroll, which isn't an easy task. This career matches my personality because I like to be in charge and take control of situations. Also I enjoy being my own boss, in other words I don't like people telling me what to do. I work in a restaurant right now and I respect how hard my manager works for all of us.

Someday I want to be just like him. (WOIS).


Managers in restaurants have many stressful responsibilities. They need to keep their restaurant running and on their feet. They also need to step into any situation and take control and be ready for anything. More importantly managers need to be prepared for the worst. Many bad and good situations will occur in a restaurant that you cannot ignore. Managers are responsible for keeping all there workers happy, because you will not get far without having your employees happy with your restaurant and how you run it. There are many different kinds of restaurant managers, such as cruise ship manager, small operation, large chain operation, fast food, and the list goes on. Personally I would like to be a large chain operation manager. Promotions are earned...