The Essence of the Sport of Paintball.

Essay by glengem June 2003

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Paintballing is growing sport whose start came from being a training technique for the military. Most uniquely used to practice the house to house sweeping of ground troops made famous in the training for the war with Iraq. The sport gained overwhelming popularity in the 90s as being touted as an extreme sport. However the stigma as being a sport of the backward conspiracy theorist hicks whose main intent is to train for the anarchy coming to the USA has for kept from becoming more mainstream as other extreme sports as skateboarding and biking whose popularity gained momentum from the proliferation of video games. The main barrier is an image problem which is being fixed in the present where the current clothing manufacturers are touting sportier jerseys that accompanies new tournament style rules which stress fast paced action more offense games such as X-BALL, where the it's 7-man group head to head competition fighting more against the clock as well as the opponent.

It makes the competition more tolerable than the old time consuming sniper strategy style competition that was dominate in the old scenario tournament games. In the 7-man group competition dead men can give instructions from the side line and there is implementation of the penalty box that penalizes players who make a violation.

Other image problems hinder the sports progress is that most people feel that the sport is too violent. They feel the violence stems from the being scared of being hit by a paintball traveling 300mph. The truth is everyone will get hit sooner or later the strategy is to not worry about it. The key to playing paintball and having fun is to actually get into the game. Being aggressive is the most important characteristic a player should demonstrate. Never be...