Ethical Issues in Management

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University of PhoenixManagers at Baker Hughes are constantly faced with moral and ethical values daily. One common ethical business issue seen in many companies is harassment. Baker Hughes is committed to maintain a positive work environment free of harassment either sexual or non-sexual (Deaton, 2005). Baker Hughes views harassment as a form of offensive treatment or behavior which to a reasonable person creates a hostile or abusive work environment (Wilhite, 2005).

Manager's morals and ethical values are reflected in Baker Hughes' company policy. According to the Operations Manager Mark Blackwell, his morals and ethical values stem from how he was raised. He states "we are to treat everyone with respect whether at work, or not" (Blackwell, 2009). Baker Hughes believes in providing a positive work environment for all employees. An environment free of discrimination, violence, or any other unlawful act (Deaton, 2005). Harassment has many forms such as threats or insults, offensive jokes, whistling, winks, notes and magazines that are intentionally left for a person to view.

Managers and supervisors along with employees are required to take an anti-harassment class with the human resources department.

Social issues are problems or controversies that may affect many or all members of society. A number of social issues exist such as discrimination, abuse, crime and gay rights. These social issues can exist within society, and in the workplace. Managers are expected to adhere to the harassment policy and should monitor the work environment and be aware of indications of discrimination, harassing conduct, or retaliation (Deaton, 2005).

Gay rights for example, gives lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals equal rights as all other individuals. An example of an ethical dilemma occurred last year at Baker Hughes with a purchasing manager and two dispatchers. The two dispatchers always spoke about a particular television program...