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Steven Bolt

Public Speaking- Veron

September 27, 2014

Ethical Communication

Ethics is a system of moral principles. Ethical communication includes being honest in all communications, keeping confidential information confidential, and not discussing the personal or business situations of others in public or in front of a third party. In business, ethical communication implies keeping privacy of customers and employees.

My negative experience with ethical communication happened on August 27, 2014. I came home to find a FedEx envelope that was addressed to me from a customer care center outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. I was hoping that I would open it and find a huge check made out to me with money that I never knew existed! However, this wasn't the case. I opened it only to find three welcome packets from Verizon Wireless congratulating me on my three new lines of service and directions on how to set up my new phones, but there were no phones.

I was shocked! I called Verizon Wireless customer care center and eventually got connected to the fraud department. Come to find out, whoever obtained my information used ALL of it and it was spot on! My name, address, social security number, birthday, I mean everything. This made it very difficult when trying to explain to them that it really was me on the other end, comical but nerve racking. They informed me that they would put a hold on the lines until I could obtain a police report. In the meantime, I was sent my first bill for $315 for the three new lines of service. It took about ten days but I eventually received the police report and sent it back to them via email. Finally, I was connected to a gentleman that ruled it was indeed fraud and wiped...