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Essay by billyg May 2005

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The article I chose to read and review is called iPods, business ethics, and sleeping well at night. It was written by Kevin Ponton and was published in Healthcare Financial Management. The article got started because Mr. Ponton's teenage son asked if Apple would give a newer model of the iPod if he sent his back broken. You see there was nothing wrong with the iPod he had but its age. Mr. Ponton took this opportunity to talk with his son about fraud. This kicked the article off about the headlines he saw in the New York Times. He saw that three of the five headlines were dealing with the New York Stock Exchange salary scandal, the arrest of a former Ernst & Young audit partner, and the HealthSouth scandal. (Ponton, 2003) Mr. Ponton was not at all surprised by these headlines as financial mismanagement is becoming more frequent and reaching into a broader range of business areas.

Howard Schilit offers a theory on why unethical or fraudulent schemes continue in his book Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports. This theory is that the schemes are financially rewarding, easy to pull off, and the perpetrators are unlikely to get caught. It seems that people have forgotten to ask themselves some important questions before decisions are made. Mr. Ponton points out some things that you should do before decisions are made. For one, you should identify the three or four questions about the issue that is most difficult to you and are the ones that you most fear being asked by someone else. Once you have identified these and written them down, answer them.

If you are having ethical qualms about a proposal, discuss it with an advisor that you really trust and will...