Ethics Of Individuals

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Our society is based on the ethics of individuals and not the political system. The people in our society run the society. Our government fails because the ethics of individuals are not good enough for a society to succeed. Without good individual ethics, a good political system will be unsuccessful in creating a better society.

Lord of the Flies is a perfect example of this statement. The kids on the island are stuck with some tough decisions. They decide that the only way for survival to transpire is to create an entirely new political system. Eventually, the novel shows that the island was run by the determinations of the kids and not the newly created political system. The conch was first determined to be an object used to call people from anywhere on the island. Ralph chose to use the conch as a tool. Whenever someone had possession of the conch, they were allowed to talk.

Anyone who didn't have the conch wasn't permitted to talk. This tool seemed to work until the kids chose to disobey the rules of the conch. It was the morals of the kids that affected the outcome of the island and not the actions of the political system.

King Rat is another shining example of the beginning statement. The Japanese represent the political society inside the prisoner of war camp. They are the ones who are supposed to control the camp. King Rat used his good ethics and morals to move his way up the political ladder inside the camp. He became the most powerful survivor inside the death arena. Inside the camp, the prisoners with good ethics and the right connections broke the rules of the system all of the time. Some men had radios, ate eggs, and made good money. The Japanese...