Evaluate, Giving Illustrative Examples, The Application Of The Concept Of Facilities Management Within Hospitality, Tourism And Leisure Environments

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1. INTRODUCTION There are numerous definitions of the term facilities management (FM). The analysis of its application will be focusing on the proactive, future-orientated approach of FM incorporating a lot more than constructing and maintaining buildings. Therefore the essay will be based on and structured according to the British Institute for Facilities Management defining FM as "the practice of co-ordinating the physical workspace with the people and work of an organisation, (it) integrates the principles of business administration, architecture and the behavioural and engineering sciences."� (Jones C & Jowett V, 1998; p.1) (Ref. Appendix 1) Facilities within the context of the hospitality, tourism and leisure (HTL) environment include "accommodation, (...) food and beverage units that may offer superb cuisine or fast food snacks, (...) visitor centres that provide information or booking services, (...)"� tourist attractions, shopping and recreational centres, and much more. (Rogers HA & Slinn JA, 1993; p.5)

Before analysing the application of FM within the HTL environment according to the three major issues physical workspace, people and organisation, the coherence of company policy and FM will be investigated in order to stress the strategic approach of modern FM.

2. MAIN PART COMPANY POLICY The company policy plays an integral role in developing and managing a built facility and therefore it has to be defined with regards to the concept of FM. The development of a new HTL facility always starts with the owner's vision of the end product, what kind of service will be offered and which markets served.

This vision is then translated into a mission statement and into objectives assisting in achieving the mission.

The mission statement of the redeveloped London Zoo, an example of a tourism and leisure project, can be summarised as "there will be less emphasis on the zoo...