Evolution of Formal Organizations

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Formal organizations have evolved over the century due to new advances in technology, politics, changes that should be recognized. Changes in an organization are inevitable whether the forces are inside or outside of the business. The speed of progress is shifting the customer desires. Changes need to be acknowledged, accepted, and accepted and put into operation.

Organizations 10 years ago did not have the types of technologies we have today. At this time we have fast computers and amazing medical equipment that was only being dreamt up 10 years ago. The medical equipment itself is amazing mainly because these newer devices can save people or possibly extend their life. A century ago the computer systems in healthcare was minimal and quite slow, whereas now they can run almost a hundred times faster that though of, which can make the patients and doctors extremely pleased.

Finances are always changing and in the future there are sure to be different ways of collecting money for organizations.

"The future promises even more changes in reimbursement, and planning with future revenues and financial resources unknown will be challenging at best" (Begun and Heatwole, 1999) There is almost a guarantee of the ways organization receive money because people change and things evolve into something bigger, it will take some effort to deal with. An example would be plastic, as in credit and debit cards, sooner or later this will be the way to pay for everything and business will have to learn to accommodate them.

Today's' organizations need to look toward the future in order to succeed and prosper. "If the organization is to stay on top of change instead of being swept away by it, the future must be anticipated and understood" (Forbes, 1992). Newer technologies are being invented everyday for businesses and organization...