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Dual Channel Marketing

Dual channel marketing occurs when firms sell virtually the same products and /or services to both consumers and businesses.

Dual marketing channel arise for several reasons.

*a product is the first sold in the business market and then is adapted to the consumer market

*As sales grow, economies-of scale can be created.

Another type of dual channel marketing result from spin-off sales, in which individuals who buy a particular product at work and have positive experience with the product purchase another one for personal use.

Image Concerns in Dual Channel Marketing

When a company sells virtually the same product to two markets, image transfer occurs. Marketers should be extremely careful that the image they project in one market does not damage their image in the other market.

Differences and similarities in Dual Markets

When there are substantial differences between the two channels, the typical tactics are to

*Use difference communication message.

*Create difference brands.

*Use multiple channels or different channels

In most cases, business customers and consumer seek the same basic benefits from products. In these situations, a single strategy for both markets is best. Tactics that should be used include.

*integrating communication messages

*selling the same brand in both markets

*scanning both markets for dual marketing opportunities

There are two advantages to integrating consumer markets with business markets: