To What Extent Did The Period During And After World War II Help American Society Progress?

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From a humanist point of view, war can be a terrible thing, bringing chaos and destruction wherever it goes. But from other viewpoints, such as economical and social ones, war has many positive aspects. It reduces unemployment, it causes technology to develop, and it provides an opportunity to put a stop to racism and sexism. It also establishes a nation as powerful and not to be opposed if the war is won, and its constituent leader will have his reputation made because of it.

No better example is there of this than World War II. So many social and economical changes took place during that war that we are still seeing the effects of it today. Industries, racial groups, the economy, female independence, they were all affected by WWII, and this essay will explore why and how.

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression had left the American economy reeling.

It was left heavily damaged for over ten years, and might well have remained so for longer, but then along came World War II. Although the US did not enter the war by choice, the wounds in America’s economy were effectively healed by its participation in it, and perhaps WWII is what put an end to the Great Depression. It opened up millions of job opportunities, and resulted in a fall in the number of unemployed from 9.5 million to 670 thousand. America was particularly fortunate in WWII as it had countless industrial companies and factories to its name, such as General Motors, and the government were able to use these manufacturers to produce supplies for the military. Government contracts were handed out to all the industrial companies available, and these were then put into use making munitions and military supplies. In addition to this, the coal,