To What Extent Do Men Make Society And Society Makes Men

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Society playes an important role to mankind in the world and vice vera. Do upper class citzens control society and society control lower class citzen? That, means in United States of America there are many social ethnics, baises, and opinions in society. In general society is governed by the group, which has the most power. For instance, there are major social groups such as the congress who determines the way others should live. Karl Marx would strongly agree with me, since he was a philosopher who knew how political society was ran, due to his knowledge, captilizism played a magor role. Upper class citizens classily people into various groups such as, poor, rich, middle class, black, white, homosexual, heterosexual, etc. These classifications generalized how different groups are suppose to live, even down to their culture. In understanding their culture, manipulation plays an important role. It is generally complex for one to live comfortably and respectfully if they are from lower class.

In contrast the upper class citzens has the abundance of choices and positive outlets to choose. They are also exposed to many positive aspects of life. For instance, children in the ghetto walk to school everyday. In their travels they encounter drug dealers, fights, bums, and drug addicts. As opposed to children in well-kept neighborhoods, who avoids any endangerment due to the school bus picking them up in front of their house or their parents driving them to school, everyday? These differences mark important views in each of these children's lives and also, determine the views of each other as they are from different life styles. Futhermore, people of lower class statues that are mostly nonwhite are forced to have a double consciousness. Double consciousness is the ability to be nonwhite in America knowing who you are and seeing yourself the way white America should see you. For example, a man who live in the ghetto will have a more difficult experience finding a well-paid job. Therefore, he may have to search outside of his neighborhood to obtain an adequate job. Nonwhite students may have a degree from Harvard University but have difficulties acquiring a career. He fills out an application and encloses his resume and other credentials. He is interviewed and presents all of his learned skills for success. However, he is never called back, because of his race of gender, (vice versa for females). Now he must return home, when he returns back to the ghetto , he must conduct himself according to the way men are expected to act in the ghetto, its called survival of the fittest. This is a prime example of how society dictates the potential of many individuals from nonwhite and nonwealty backgrounds. The nonwhite race must bury their beliefs and theories temporarily about themselves ( meaning their religon, culture,race and gender), to feel accepted by the white race in order to succeed in society. However, on the other hand, when a man from the white race graduates from Harvard University or another distinguished school, they would have a large quantity of network to venture into careers, such as, judges, doctors, lawyers etc. The nonwhite have similar options. Therefore the white race would have more difficulties for the nonwhite races to plant steady careers. With the nonwhite race they have minimal outlets and the lack of money to live a productive life. Furthermore, they may need to depend on government assistance until they are able to find decent jobs. Moreless, in some cases it is harder to find a job than others. Although, minorties do not initate controversy in nonwhite areas such as, drugs and guns. It is the government who conveys these harsh chemicals ( liquor, drugs, and weapons), to the nonwhite areas of the cities, to distract the well being of its population. These detriments are used to destruct their way of thinking and living. Moreover, with the abundance of abominations at one's reach, there is a high demand for drugs and other toxins. Therefore, drug dearlers are on every corner of the ghetto, as opposed to people nonblack neighborhoods. The same is true with liquor stores,which are presented to people in the nonwhite areas, to clog their minds and stagnate them from reaching their potential. Ironically, the necessary treatments such as, drug rehabilitations and alcohol anonymous groups remain scarce. In conclusion, society is predominant in the basic living of all men. However, with strong will and good intent anyone can break free from the mainstream biases and negative projections of any social status. Lastly, although men are in the world, they do not have to be of it.