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Family is considered as the main and strong unit of the society and community. Its strength will ensure the strength of the nation. The mechanics and the implementation of support systems for families today are important. That are concerned with families to locate and implement support systems that can reduce and prevent family stresses and that help parents to learn coping mechanisms to face a more optimal future.1America's Family Support Programs is timely, informative, and exciting. Reflecting the recent rediscovery of the importance of the family and the interdependence of its members, a sophisticated group of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers brings us up-to-date on recent changes in family constellations and the diversity of lifestyles.

The philosophy of family is that families Worldwide believes that the greatest resource in solving family problems lies within the family members themselves. Teaching families correct principles and providing them with practical skills increases their capacity to strengthen family bonds and to lead happy, productive lives.

Strong families build strong individuals, and those individuals build the kind of world we all dream of.

America has witnessed such sweeping changes in this century that it is not easy to relate the dilemma of diminishing social values in the American society with the present crucial situation of the depleted family life. What America is trying to find is; its roots back to traditional family design. A climax of the past is what we discover that the western Society is looking forward to adopt. They are in look for of the matching peace and vigor that they lost much recently.

Traditional, historical American values have in the past, incorporated a passion in God, prayer and the love for the Bible, which for a very long time, has been the foundation of other national and family customs, such as: respect...