Fatherless in our society.

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Many decades ago, fathers were considered an integral part of the family. They were the ones who provided the food, the shelter and the money for the family. But as the time has passed, the word fatherhood has been losing its truly meaning. Society is getting used to see fatherhood as something with no value or without importance.

Many people think that by having a father living at home means that they are in good communication with their children or are available for them all the time. In the past children were expected to have their father by their sides even if they were not in a good economic situation. Now, children are more likely to be raised in a family where the mother plays the mother and the father role. I think that one of the most interesting facts about not having a father during childhood is the psychological and moral impact that has on those children who probably will not be involved with their own children once they become a father.

In the other hand, not having a father in the child's early life has many consequences that will take place when they become teenagers. I have many friends who did not have their father when they were children and now they face many problems like immoral behavior, drugs addiction and violence. But I also have friends who did not live with their fathers and are doing well in their lives. Many of the children who did not have their fathers are more likely to become parents in a premature age. My ex-neighbor's daughter is a good example; her father abandoned her and her mother when she was 3 years old. She was a disobedient child all the time and as a result of that, she dropped...