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Favorite Moment At Eastmoreland Golf Course, I know each hole very well and which clubs are well suited for each hole. It was a decent day at the 5th hole; par 3. It's about 175 yards long with a steep drop off towards the green. A sand bunker is to the left of green, with forest left and right. You can't slice or hook the golf ball because there is a good chance of losing the ball. As I teed up the ball, negative thoughts were running through my head but I was able to suppress them enough to swing. As I swing through the ball, my club gave me sweet feedback through the arms signaling that I've hit the ball decently. The ball lands ten feet away from the pin. I smile widely with a grin in my face because of the shot I hit.

I sink the putt and I celebrated with a fist pump while attempting to do the moonwalk.

It was a great day for me, but I don't think I would receive a Congressional Medal of Honor for that achievement. Not everybody would be thrilled of what I did.

Currently life in general has nothing much to get excited about. Every day, the TV news has something for everybody to be depressed about. I only receive good news if I create it. Like if I get an "A" on my semester test, go on a vacation to Hawaii, or maybe make a hole in one in golf, I may do a little cheer here and there. Recently I've been thinking about golf. I may personally believe that I'm in a golf phase right now because all I do is think golf. I don't know what it is about the sport that gets me excited about it. My speculation is that golf is the most challenging and difficult sport to master because it takes precise practice and skill. Not even professional golfers are close to mastering it. A par is just a figure that constitutes the idea of good golf. It can be a glorious sport yet it can be full of frustration. The most exciting moment just recently was just being able to achieve a birdie for the first time in my golf history. That was the good news that I created. It was the highlight of my life of during that time.

. Everybody has a different view of what his or her greatest moments are. If the individual can't find one, make one.

Everybody view his or her own life differently. Maybe a person may view it as a river (fast pace life, life changes fast), pond (life is slowly changing, very consistant), or like an ocean (could be either a fast pace life or slow depending on a situation). I view my life like a creek forming into a river because as a kid time seem take so long but I cherish my life more, time seem to gradually become more like a river.