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Fear is a feeling which, at times, can be uncontrollable. The fear can captivate your body and mind. This feeling cannot be controlled. I am fearful of snakes. It all started when my cousin Michael received a fake snake in a can. he teased me with the snake, until I started to cry. I knew from that moment on, the touch, the feel and the thought of snakes would always send chills throughout my body. I was only six years old at the time but I knew this fear would stick with me throughout the rest of my life.

Michael was a practical joker. He found amusement in torturing others. One day he came over to my house to play and he brought his new toy. I could not imagine what was so special about this new can, other than the fact that it was shiny.

Michael handed me the silver can and said, "Open it."

I struggled for a few moments and then pop, a rubber snake came flying out of the can onto the floor. I never screamed so loud. My mother came running into see what had happened.

"What is all the commotion about?" I ran over to her full of tears, she could not understand a word I uttered. Michael was laughing and so was my mother.

I asked her how she could laugh.

My mother said it's only a piece of rubber Jason.

My mother calmed me down and returned to her work in the kitchen. The look of this snake made my stomach turn.

"Why would you want to play with something that ugly?" I asked Michael.

"It's a beautiful reptile". Said Michael, he obviously loved this snake very much.

He tortured me with this snake for the remainder of the afternoon. He threw it at me and dangled it front of my face. (All because now that he knew I hated snakes.) I was very upset because normally we got along very well.

"Go ahead baby, cry." "Leave me alone. Why do you have to be so mean? You know I do not like Snakes, so why do you have to keep teasing me?" I asked.

I ran into the kitchen to find my mom. "You are still crying over the snake?" She said.

"Yes." I answered.

"Jason, you know how Michael likes to joke around stop being a baby and go and play. Michael is going home soon and next time I will tell him to leave the snake at home." I went back into the play room and tried not pay any attention to my cousin for the rest of the afternoon. After my cousin went home that day, he was not allowed to bring the snake to my house ever again. However, he teased me whenever I went over his house to play. This went on for weeks until he received another toy.

From the day my cousin made me open that can, snakes became my biggest fear. I tried to overcome my fear by going to the zoo or visiting the pet store so far, nothing has worked. I am aware of the fear that I have, and I might overcome it or I might not.