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Book Report I. Title: "The First Scream" II. Author: R.L. Stine III. Characters: 1) Meghan Fairwood-Main Character.

2) Robin Fear- Meghan's secret friend.

3) Mr. Bradley- Manager of Fear Park.

4) Richard Bradley- Meghan's Boyfriend & Mr. Bradley's son.

5) Dierdre- Meghan's best friend.

6) Jack Bradley- Richard's brother.

7) Simon Fear- Robin's father.

II. Setting: Shady Side High.

III. Summary: The First Scream is about a kid whose father is about to build a theme park but the problem is it will be built in top of his mansion. He doesn't want to give his house from childhood. Mr. Bradley wants to put the theme park on Simon Fear's property because it is the only property it would fit in. Simon wasn't going to give his house so he bought other property of Shady High town and sold it to Mr. Bradley.

Next morning, Simon's son Robin went to school and met her friend Meghan who grew up with her as kids.

They were talking then Richard Bradley came and pushes Robin of his girlfriend and grab & kissed her. Meghan didn't like when he does that because it feels like he has this power over her and she can't do anything about it. She left forgotten about Robin after ward hated himself because he could of defended himself But he knew he didn't have a chance fighting the pitcher of the baseball team and quarterback of the football team.

That same day Robin went home and told his dad what happened and his dad was furious but robin told him not to do anything about it. He said he'd take care of it.