FedEx Corporation

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary i

1.0 Introduction 1

2.0 Company Overview 3

3.0 Business Model Objective 5

4.0 Three Key Measures 7

5.0 Environmental Analysis 9

5.1 Industry Analysis 9

5.1.1 SWOT Analysis, 9

5.1.2 Porter's Five Forces Model 11

5.2 Marketing Analysis 14

5.2.1 About 14

5.2.2 The Value Chain 15

6.0 Value Analysis 19

6.1 Customer Value 19 6.2 Organisational Perspective 20

7.0 Financial Analysis 21

8.0 Appraising the business model 26

- Component measures 26

9.0 Recommendation 29

Bibliography 31

Appendix 34

Executive Summary

There are many uncertainties factors that could influence a well-known business to go into a bad position as threat of new entrants or economic crisis etc. Therefore, every company or organization is required to have a considerable plan to prepare for its future.

The purpose of this report is to outline the performance, strategies and competitiveness of FedEx Corporation. This report is provided a brief summary of what is the company strategy, the business model objective as well as the company financial performance from the past 5 years.

As the report developed, there will be a section discussing about the environmental analysis which includes the SWOT analysis, Porter's Five-Forces Model, as well as the market analysis which includes the company website analysis and the value chain.

This report also outlines the company's three key measures, financial analysis, value analysis, and component measures for appraising the business model of the company.

Lastly, recommendations are suggested for the company to implement so that it can improve e-business performance and remain competitive in the industry.


1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report is to outline the performance, strategy and the competitiveness of FedEx e-business model and to recommend the appropriate strategies and plan suggested for the company's CEO to implement.

1.2 Scope...