How I fell in love with China

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How fell in love with China

As I stood at the bottom of the Great Wall looking up, I was astonished. I felt my jaw tighten and my stomach turn as I stared up at the Wall. The Wall was set in the side of the mountain, and it was two hundred feet above the green forest far below. I had come to climb it. Looking at my cute pink tennis shoes and shorts, I realized that I was unprepared for the climb. Envisioning the long climb, I became uneasy. I would not allow those uneasy feelings to stop me. There was no turning back.

The climb was fairly easy going, at first, and I began to think about what bought me to the Great Wall. I found myself thinking about how my friends had convinced me to take this, once in a lifetime, trip.

When the tour bus had driven past the Great Wall a few days ago, I could tell by the excitement I heard in my friends voices that we all were going to try to climb it. It took my best friend, Grace, awhile to convince me to climb the Wall, but she finally talked me into it. Once I was convinced to attempt the climb, we got up, got dressed, and headed for the Wall.

The experience at the Great Wall allowed me to conquer some great fears I had. One was a fear of heights. The long drive to the Great Wall gave me a lot of time to think about "falling off". Of course, these fears were not necessary, but they were my fears nonetheless. My mind wondered about how I could fall off the wall, but these were...