The Fellowship Of The Ring

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Kyle Gray Period 1 Fellowship of the Ring A world in peril of a dark power. An unlikely hero. A tale of his adventures. This is the amazing story you will find when you read J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novel The Fellowship of the Ring, In this grand adventure, a small hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins finds himself to be the bearer of a ring of power that belongs to an enemy who wished to wield it once again in order to take over Frodo's known world of Middle Earth.

The story opens as Frodo's uncle Bilbo is having a birthday party and parts with his friends of the hobbit land known as the Shire. When Bilbo leaves in secret, his friend, Gandalf the Grey, advises him to leave his ring for Frodo to hold. Frodo holds the ring in secret for many years, until the dark lord of Mordor and the master of the ring discovered its location.

Gandalf returned and told Frodo of the power of the ring and that he must leave the Shire to protect both himself, and the ring from the approaching enemy. Frodo prepares to leave the Shire and his home behind and takes with him three friends: Sam, Merry, and Pippen. The three of them then head off to Rivendell, the city of the elves. When he leaves the Shire the enemies Black Riders pursue him on the quest to get their masters ring. Along the way they stop at the village of Bree and meet up a friend of Gandalf named Aragorn, heir to the throne of Gondor, the kingdom of men. He then helps them on the rest of their journey to Rivendell. When they are almost there Frodo is attacked by one of the black riders and stabbed by his evil blade and poisoned by it. They hasten to Rivendell in hopes that Elrond, lord of the elves of Rivendell can heal him. Upon Almost reaching the river, the nine Black Riders appeared again and also a new ally, Glorfindel, an elf. Frodo is carried across the river by Glorfindel's horse, and the Black Riders are swept away as the river magically swells and engulfs them.

Upon reaching the elven city of Rivendell, Lord Elrond holds a council to determine what is to be done with the ring the Frodo holds. At least a member of each race on Middle Earth is in the council. There are Men, Hobbits, Dwarves, and Elves. From Elrond they all learn the origin of the ring and that they must destroy it. But the only way to destroy the weapon of the enemy is to take to it Mount Doom, the very place it was made, in the heart of the enemies land of Mordor. There was to be a small band of heroes to go with Frodo on his journey. From men he was to take Aragorn and Boromir and Gandalf, from the dwarves Gimli, from the elves Legolas, and his three hobbit companions from the Shire.

The company then sets off from Rivendell on their way to Mount Doom in the heart of Mordor. Along the way they head through the Mines of Moria, an ancient underground city of the Dwarves. In there they encounter many Orcs and a demon known as a balrog. Gandalf the wizard holds back the balrog as the others escape, and it seems to all that he defeats the creature, but then it grabs his legs and pulls him down into the endless pit with it. Now without their guide the company is forced to move on, with little hope. They then come to another great elven city called Lothlorien. There they see the lady Galadriel and she aides them as best she can by giving them elven cloaks to hide them and boats to carry them. They take the boats and head off down the river that runs through the woods of Lothlorien. They are now in debate over weather to continue to Mordor in the east, or head south to Minas Tirith, where Boromoir's city is at war with the forces of Mordor. They stop for a bit to let Frodo decide since it is he that must bear the ring where ever it may go. He asks to be alone for a while to think, but Boromir goes to him to try to convince him to go with him to Minas Tirith. Then the madness of the ring takes him and he tries to take the ring from Frodo. Frodo then puts on the ring and vanishes quite literally from site and runs off. He decides to go and finish his journey alone, and just in time too. As he ventures off a company of orcs from the enemy find the fellowship and are looking for the halfling who bears the ring. The other hobbits all scatter to look for their now lost friend. Boromir follows Merry and Pippen to defend them, but he falls to orcish arrows and the two poor hobbits are taken, one of them thought to be the ring bearer. Frodo is discovered by Sam, and the two set off together, bound for Mordor.

This is a wonderful book that will entrance any reader with a love of fantasy. Even though the task is not yet complete, the story does end there, but continues into the other books of the trilogy. All of which will captivate you and keep you wanting more the whole time you are in the world of Middle Earth. This little hobbits adventure has only just begun and he is a long way from his familiar home in the Shire. Will he complete his task and save all of Middle Earth from the evil of Sauron, the dark lord of Mordor? Or will he be caught and forced to return the ring to the finger that it so wishes to wrapped around once again?