Fever, 1793

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Children as well as adults will adore Laurie Hales Anderson's Fever 1793, an adventurous, well-written novel. My first impression of the story was that it was going to be boring and uneventful. My impression was wrong! As I began reading, I learned that it was an exhilarating and fascinating book!

The main character, Mattie Cook, was a valiant, and a determined young woman. During the summer of 1793, her hometown of Philadelphia was invaded by Yellow Fever. But when her mother was infected with the horrible disease, she ordered Mattie and her grandfather to depart from the town and wait until two frosts had passed in order to return. But when Mattie discovers that the illness is everywhere, she must learn to take care of herself in a city turned frantic with disease.

Although I never had a family member that was infected with Yellow Fever, I can still relate to some events that happened to Mattie.

One of those events was when my grandfather died. In the novel, Mattie's grandfather had died of old age. My grandfather did not die of old age like Mattie's did, but of a disease called Leukemia. Although I did not know him that well, I was still sadden and traumatized by his death, like the fictional character, Mattie.

Throughout the entire novel, the author expresses feelings and thoughts about the characters so that you can relate to them. Her dialogue is absolutely magnificent and she expresses their feelings so well. For example, when Mattie was being robbed in her own home, the description of her facial expressions shows the reader that she is irritated and furious. When she was talking to one of the robbers, their conversation was so clear and very detailed. The expression on Mattie's face as well...