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TITLE: Compare and contrast the different organizational structure.


The organization is the result of a process of organizing a group of people, aimed at achieving common goals that their complexity cannot be achieved by one person. So, the organization has developed from the need to produce goods in much higher than in times past could make workers in their workshops. Also, the organization has emerged as a necessity to increase efficiency and quality work. We can say the organization is a system that is characterized by a specific functional structure and a process through which the common targets and specific. For example, the university is a organization that integrates student, teacher, administrator and laboratory technical staff, aimed at the generation, transfer and diffusion of knowledge.

In any organization there are two fundamental processes: a process for achieving products and services for which an organization was created and a management process to ensure implementation of the first in terms of efficiency and quality Organization is characterized by an internal environment, external environment and a functional interface between the two environments.

Being an open system, we see the existence of the system input streams and output streams of system. Internal environment is characterized by the existence of generalized field of forces and a transformation of input into output. External environment are characterized by having a generalized field of forces that act continuously on the organization, at its interface with the intern environment .If these forces are stronger than the internal environment, the organization declines and if adaptation measures are not taken, in this case result bankruptcy. For example: a factory that produces fertilizers for agriculture, manages to successfully sell products market and to ensure good employees a salary .Management of company has developed a dynamic equilibrium between existing forces inside and...