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Essay by vampire-chick August 2004

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Hanan Elaraby

Period 6


*note this is a persuasive essay, it is in the format of a letter.*

Dear Sara,

Hey how are you? I want to tell you about a book I read. It's called Final Friends Book 3: The Graduation. The book is by Christopher Pike, it's about a boy named Michael Olson, who is investigating the death of a friend. Also this is the last chance Michael gets to tell the girl of his dreams, Jessica Hart, his feelings for her. Because they are graduating from high school. For their grad night the whole senior class is going on a ship to Catalina. But they have a hard time because someone puts a bomb on the ship. And in the end Michael finds out who the real murder is.

But while I read this book there was one character that really had me thinking, and really thinking if I would have done what they did.

But the character is Jessica Hart, because she reminds me of myself, also the choices she made were close to similar to what I would have done. And I may have not done what she did, but most of all her personality is very much like my own. But the thing that got me the most is all the paradox feelings she has, and also the decisions she makes, what she choose to say and do made me think, and what she wants to say compared to what she says.

The reason I choose to tell you about this book is because it was very interesting and I really enjoyed this book, it keeps you thinking who really is telling the truth, and why did this happen and not this. Also why didn't this character just say this,