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Statement of problem.

Riordan Manufacturing is a fortune 1000 enterprise with the urge to become an elite global competitor in the plastic molding industry. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to relocate a primary factory from Hangzhou to Shanghai. This move will benefit not only the company but the economy of Shanghai.

Background information.

A public relations strategy has been developed and in conjunction with a marketing plan and a new budget, the move will be a success. The main objective of Riordan is the save money on production costs and labor. The targeted market for the PR plan is the shareholders and the employees. Public Relations will need to focus on ethical implications, and the fact that the closing of one factory will be negatively perceived. The crisis management plan will help with any negative publicity that may occur.

Major conclusions.

Foremost in Riordan's mind is maintaining a positive relationship with the Chinese government.

After Action Reports will help Riordan understand how they stand in that aspect. Keeping a close eye on the PR budget, and also, following the crisis management plan should ensure that the move is not only a success for the company, but also a success for the Chinese as well.

IntroductionThe most important part of a public relations campaign is the planning and strategy of the actual campaign itself. Riordan's public relations campaign centers around the companies desire to grow their business as well as their revenue. The recent decision to move some of Riordan's operations to Shanghai, China has made the need for successful planning and execution of the public relations plan even more important. To start Riordan is going to need to determine the objectives that they wish to accomplish as well as their audience that they are going to...