Final Strategic Plan

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Final Strategic Plan

Gerald Cooper

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Michael Esquivel

February 23, 2009



Final Strategic Plan

The importance of strategic planning and management in business cannot be overlooked due to the unstable business markets that we live today. Leaders within organizations must understand planning and strategic management and have the vision to look forward to anticipate change within their companies to maintain a competitive edge. The small business that I would like to start is a web-based business. The reasons are fast start-up time, lower cost out of pocket, tax advantages, and low overhead. Working home along with my children also presents a great advantage. Working from home over the web will also give present the flexibility to build clients until I am ready to move to a bricks and mortar based facility away from my primary residence.

Strategic Management and Planning is a set of decisions and actions formulated to align people and resources together with the purpose of ensuring the future success of the organization. Strategic Management and Planning involves, planning, directing, organizing, and controlling the company's strategy. Strategic management, consist of three processes that entail corporate business, functional level planners, and support personnel (Pearce & Robinson, 2004).

In today's business environment a strategic business plan is indispensable due to the high failure rate of small businesses. It has been determine that small businesses without a business plan are most likely to fail. A strategic business plan will help the organization define its mission and vision, giving the organization a sense of purpose and direction. In addition a strategic plan will help the organization asses its strengths and weaknesses, and develop short-term strategies that are compatible with long-term objectives.