Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation


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Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business

Every business company eventually goes through changes, whether it is developing a new business or changing the direction of a company, the fundamental goals and values need to be determined before any changes can occur. Determining the values and vision of a company is crucial to its future. This paper will provide a description of Doggies World's business vision, their values and mission and how that determined their strategic direction.

About Doggies World, this facility will be a place where a dog owner can come and purchase anything that has to do with dogs. You will find, dog toys, food, grooming, training options, medicine, and pet advice and most importantly this will be a place where owners could bring their dogs to socialize with others.

In the facility there will be two sections one sections will be for simple dog socialization and the other will be an area where kids and families can rest or wait for their dog to finish being groomed or trained. The family area will provide water and a small play area for children, making the facility suitable for families as well. Doggies World wants to encourage dog owners to know the importance of socialization and want to provide a safe place where dogs can learn how to do so. All employees at Doggies World will be certified dog obedience trainers; their responsibility is to assist the dog owners with any tips or to simply help control aggressive behaviors. With the products and services that Doggie World plans to provide Petsmart and Petsco will be no competition.

First, a mission statement needs to...