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fitness plan I set out at the beginning to increase my overall fitness and wellness life. To do this I set certain goals for each aspect and in the pertaining areas. For my bench and leg press goals I did not succeed. However this was under doctor's orders that instructed me to keep my lifting to a minimum. My push ups and sit ups increased by almost 20%, which I was very happy with. Since lifting was difficult this was something I went after with effort. My mile and a half time did increase although it was not reflected in the scores I received in class. I did however time myself on the day and at the time that I usually run at and it did in fact improve by more than a minute. Naturally my flexibility increased and with that I was able to avoid many injuries in my aerobic activities.

My body composition went down to the range I set at the beginning of the year despite the holidays.

The wellness aspect of my life also improved over the last few months. I have a set diet and fitness plan will be peaking just in time for the semesters end. My social life has improved tremendously, not only are things between Mel and I great I have met many people here that I now consider good friends. I m glad that my spiritual beliefs have not changed but instead only been more reassured. I have made many gains in the area of friends and lost nearly any this is a big boost to my emotional part of growth. My educational growth has begun a little rough but I am getting settled in now and more than ever feel ready for what is next. I have set up a...