Five Ways to Develop Your Managerial Style

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Facing yourself in the mirror, may be the hardest endeavor you ever attempt. While it is sometimes easy to look at others and make value judgements, the task of judging our own actions can be difficult. Whether you are a new manager or have been supervising people for a number of years, it is still important to develop your unique managerial style.

A certain style can help define who you are and what you want to accomplish. After all, your entire job is the task of accomplishment. That is why you were chosen to lead people. Someone saw something of quality in you when they hired or promoted you to your position. The chances are you probably already have a managerial style of which you are not aware. Perhaps you don't have a style yet. Whatever the case, developing a style can establish you as a leader in your field.

Establishing a style can help your visibility in the company. The more visible you are, the more people notice. Just as a person running for office needs to be recognized for positioning, so do you. As a manager, people are looking to you for answers. They respect the title as manager or supervisor, but that respect will soon vanish if you don't live up to the "expert" connotation. Visibility not only means that subordinates recognize and want to follow you, it also means that upper management will recognize you. This could mean more money in your pocket as well as a promotion in the near future. Here are five ways to help you develop your own unique leadership style.

Know Yourself

Limit setting and setting boundaries are two important factors for getting to know you. What are your tolerances? What are your prejudices? How can you recognize when someone is...