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Flower for Algernon Conscious Choice Analysis As we say in the old country, "great minds are inspired by great people." Charlie Gordon was a simple-minded person. He not only held the challenges of everyday life on his shoulders, but also was given the burden of being mentally challenged. His life would have been harder, even with the operation to make him more intelligent, with out Miss Alice Kinnian. Miss Kinnian was Charlie's teacher at a special school for mentally challenged adults. She really cared about Charlie and where he was or was not going in life. She didn't want him to get hurt in life because of his illness. Going in to the operation she was a bit uneasy but she had confidence in Charlie which no one else had. This gave him a great advantage. She was truly a great person. Without Miss Kinnian in his life, Charlie would not have been as intellectually successful as he was, before his sudden decline in intelligence.

Her inspiration, her support and her trust gave Charlie a stable foundation for his soon to be acquired knowledge. Without Miss Kinnian this book would never had been the same. She was his back up, his support and his inspiration. It is just like the saying goes, "behind every great man, there is a woman." Was this a Good Choice? Yes, this was a very good decision to put Miss Kinnian in the book. Miss Kinnian was an enhancement to the book. She helped Charlie get through his troublesome life, without her, his road to recovery would not be complete. She first sparked his sexual desires, which lead him to leave, to get drunk for the first time, to really experience a "normal" life. Everything she did had a domino effect causing something else good to come up. She started a chain reaction, which lead to everything else in his life. She made him who he was. Everyone says that your parents mold you. Charlie's parents obviously weren't that great of sculpters so, Miss Kinnian had to do the mending. Charlie is like clay, molded one way with one person the molded again by another. Then when he finally can be put in the kiln (the surgery) he has to be perfect to make it out and he did. Then some careless person dropped him and he lost all of his memory. She corrected his mistakes, making him so wonderful. She also set his emotional/sexual life spinning into oblivion. Daniel Keys could have made Miss Kinnian a Mr. Kinnian but it would not have been the same. Miss Kinnian sent his emotional drives into overdrive. If there was a Mr. Kinnian, the only way that he could effect his emotions as much would be if Charlie was a woman, which is a whole different subject that we aren't going to get in to. The only other way he could have had that great of an effect would be if Charlie were a homosexual. Which again is another choice we will save until later. Miss Kinnian none the less was a huge part of Charlie's life. Without her"¦he would not be the same, at all!