Following Which Rules?

Essay by twilight_maniac August 2005

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Rules apply to many things. Their purpose is to either control the followers or put less responsibility upon the leaders. The choice of whether to follow rules or not depends on the outcome of following them, how they are positive and negative, and the outcome of not following them.

All rules should have a purpose. There wouldn't be need for a rule that just wasted energy for no reason at all. The intentions of rules are the most important factor of whether they show a jurisdiction over your life.

Rules should be given attention to what effects their reasons have. Their positives and negatives give an idea whether it makes sense to follow them or not. Rules with positive outcomes help you get through things in order and keep everything in control. Bad rules that don't help the followers in any way shouldn't exist. However, not all good rules have benefits, vice versa bad rules.

Before deciding which rules not to abide by, thought must be applied to the consequences of not following them. Ignorance can blind the true purposes of rules which could be beneficial. By understanding the consequences of condoning the rules, better choices can be made.

Rules serve many purposes in our communities and lives. The question of their effectiveness uncovers the choice of disobedience. By knowing their purpose, effects, and the consequences of ignoring them, we can decide which rules to abide and ignore.