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All the food groups that are outlined by the food pyramid are essential to staying healthy. Everyone should pay close attention when eating meals and snacks so that they are sure to consume the right amount of each food group. People who do not take in enough of certain food groups will in turn, fail to take in enough of the recommended amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Our bodies rely on our intake of certain micronutrients in order to function properly and stay healthy.

The recommended amount of protein as outlined by the CNPP is 46 gm. a day. According to my food journal analysis, in one day I consumed 77 gm, which is 31 gm over the recommended daily amount. After reading through my analysis, I was very surprised by the amount of protein that I consumed in comparison with the amount that I should have consumed. I was surprised because I didn’t feel as though I consumed too much while eating it.

In order to reach my recommended amount of protein, I could have cut down on the serving of soup that I ate during lunch, and instead add a piece of bread or some crackers in order to fill me up.

The foods in which I ate that contained protein during the recorded date were steak in my soup at lunch, and chicken for dinner. Both of these foods are considered to be complete protein sources. The Wikipedia (2008) stated, “A complete protein (or whole protein) is a protein that contains all of the essential amino acids for the dietary needs of humans or other animals (para. 1). The Nibble (2008) stated, “Plant foods are considered incomplete proteins because they are low or lacking in one or more of the amino acids we need to build cells”...