"FOREIGN TRAVEL" - This essay tells the great use of foreign travel.

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Traveling between distant places was difficult in the earlier times. It was uncomfortable and time consuming but it was the only way to get from one place to another. Foreign travel has now become easier and quicker than it was in the past. Evolving from walking to traveling by ship into an improved technology of aeroplanes.

In the early 19th century traveling to a foreign destination was a long and expensive journey by sea. Since the introduction of international airlines the travels became easier but more expensive. Although it is, there is a vast difference from the past until now which is reasonable. People obtain their own comfortable seats, have assistances for drinks and food, a proper toilet etc. Many people may not afford this but it is a well-justified price to pay for.

The difference of the cost in traveling in the past and now is of a very huge amount.

Although it is expensive people at present now earn higher wages and the cost of travel is affordable.

Traveling is an excellent way to open our minds; learning about cultures, economy, histories... Travel has opened the world up and allowed us to stand face to face with the great pyramids, or the colloseum in Rome and to row down the Amazon River bringing us closer to ancient cultures and therefore expanding our minds.

Foreign travel is a form of relaxation, business and exploration. Most people travel to relax and have a good time experiencing a different atmosphere. Other travel for business for example many purchase items from the foreign place and bring it back to sell it at a profitable price. Many people who have less to think of normally travel to explore the world, discovering cultures, history, activities etc.

In conclusion, foreign travel has given people knowledge...