Forged By Fire

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FORGED BY FIRE BY: SHARON DRAPER REPORT WRITTEN BY: THOMAS AYLWARD TITLE: FORGED BY FIRE AUTHOR: SHARON DRAPER NUMBER OF PAGES: 156 TYPE OF BOOK: NOVEL MAIN CHARACTERS: GERALD: He was abandoned in a fire when he was three years old. He lived with his Aunt Queen until she died of a heart attack. He went to go live with his mom again. When he was there he met his new sister, Angel and his new stepfather, Jordan. Jordan abused him but he put a stop to it when he was 18.

ANGEL: She was a weak fragile girl. She was Gerald's sister. She loved to dance and she was the leader to her dance show. She hated her father, Jordan. She was molested and abused by him. She has a cat named Tiger. She only feels safe around Gerald.

JORDAN: He is a very abusive father and stepfather. He is very muscular and strong.

He beats up Gerald and Angel for fun. He drinks a lot and gets drunk every night.

MONIQUE: Mother to both Gerald and Angel. She is very nice but she is extremely afraid of Jordan. She got hit by a car and lost a lot of memory but she still loves her kids.

Mr. WASHINGTON: He is the father to Rob. He helps Gerald through the rough times he has with Jordan. He gets Jordan in jail for child abuse. He is very nice and he is almost like a father to Gerald and Angel.

ROB: He is the star of the basketball team. He is Gerald's best friend. He let Gerald sleep over when Gerald didn't want to be with Jordan. He dies in a car crash when he was 18.

SUMMARY: Monique , Gerald's mom, leaves Gerald home by himself for a long...