Four Functions of Management

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Four Functions of ManagementUniversity of PhoenixMGT 330: Theory, Practice, and ApplicationJune , 2008Four Functions of ManagementAs a homemaker, my organization, supervisor, and position are one in the same. I am upper management, middle management, and workforce of the household. Running a household is similar to operating a business because in the role of a mother or a manager, one must implement the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (Bateman & Snell, 2007, p. 16).

PlanningEvery morning I mentally plan what needs to get done for the day, while anticipating what needs to get done for tomorrow or the upcoming week. My to-do list is akin to a production schedule. Although not all activities are performed daily, my planning needs to be flexible to accommodate unexpected tasks. I must plan meals, chores, personal time, and other activities that might arise. All the while, keeping a toddler fed and entertained all day long.

MealsWhen planning meals, several factors need to be considered: what groceries are on hand, who eats what, and will regular meal times be changed due to scheduled activities.

ChoresEach day there are chores that must be completed: beds need to be made, kitchen needs to be cleaned after each meal, pet needs to be fed, ironing, and the quick clean up of the living room and bathrooms. On a weekly basis there are other activities that need to be performed: laundry usually takes a few days, bills paid, dusting, vacuuming, and detailed cleaning. By scheduling and accomplishing these chores early, other activities can take place in the evening.

Personal TimeThe most important of the tasks is to try to give my family quality time. Letting myfamily know that they are important and spending time with each one is necessary; this task is the one that is...