Functions of Management

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In the business world today, managers does not only adapt to changing conditions but also apply cautiously, consistently and with discipline to the fundamental management principles. These fundamentals include the four functions of management. "In order for these practices to succeed in an operational manner, an understanding must be reached concerning the basics in which these practices are in relationship to the business structure."(Bateman & Snell, n.d., chap. 1) This paper will define the four functions of management, and will explain how each function relates to my organization.

Planning is a vital tool to any manager since it allows him to help prepare for the forthcoming, rather than being commanded by it. A comprehensive plan helps coordinate the actions of all team members, while serving as a basis for control and feedback. By using a systematic approach to planning, a manager can ascertain the capabilities of his employees and apply resources to accomplish the most desired outcome.

Planning is a crucial role of managers since it allows it to evaluate the path ahead and arrange to sidestep any problems, which may arise. "Managers use this process to plan for the future, like a blueprint to foresee problems, decide on the actions to evade difficult issues and to beat the competition."(Bateman & Snell, n.d.) In the new global business environment of today, it is most imperative that a company plans its path before walking down it. Due to the increase in technology, that has enabled a company to market overseas, the amount of competitors and hazards, which await a company, have increased dramatically, therefore, the importance of planning has become even more crucial.

Organization deals with the coordinating and assembling an individual or team and other resources needed to achieve goals. This means assigning job responsibilities and creating conditions so that...