Four Functions of Management

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Four Functions of ManagementBecause organizations are made up of people management is the necessary mechanism which moves its members to attain an anticipated goal. In order to define the four functions of management and how it relates to this writer’s organization, it is important to understand the definition of management. Management is the process of motivating others in the use of organizational resources to attain specific goals as defined by the organization within the limits of a predetermined schedule. These goals are realized through the four functions of management; which are the foundations for all management concepts.

PlanningThe base upon which the other three management functions rest is planning. Evaluation of the current status of the organization is the requisite of planning. Included in the process of the planning process is the projection of where management sees the organization at a specific time in the future. Next, a course of action must be developed which will move the organization toward the predetermined goal.

However, planning does not always achieve the intended goals. The children’s home where this writer is employed is an excellent example of failing to accomplish goals through planning.

In 2000 the executive director along with the Board of Directors began to develop plans to construct a new office building on campus. Plans for the building included: the size of the building, location, number of offices and common areas, etc. an architect was hired to draw the plans. Including the city in the planning was a wise decision. Department of Transportation required the new entrance to the property to be widened to include a turning lane. This unexpected project would increase the budget by $100,000. Additional funds were appropriated and with great fanfare the ground-breaking ceremony implied construction was soon to begin.

With revisions of the building plans...