France - The country.

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France lies in Western Europe and it covers 210,024 km2 with a population of 57.2 million people, which makes it the largest country in Europe. France is very popular for cheese and wine.


Within its 3000 km of coastline, France has some of the most beautiful scenes in Europe. It is famous for its long sandy beaches.

France has 25% of the land used for forests, 6% used for towns and cities and 69% represents mountains and agriculture. The biggest mountain in France and Europe is Mount Blanc, which is 4807 m high but the mountain is also shared with Italy where is called Monte Bianco. France has over 150 lakes where the biggest is Lake Leman, and the biggest river is Loire.

The average summer temperature is 19C in the North and 24C in the South. In winter the temperature in the North is 3C while in the South its 9C.

In some parts of the south it may not rain for 320 days and the average temperature is 24C all year round.


The modern state of France was established by about year 1500 during the reign of Louis XIV. But after he died weaker kings came forward and because they increased taxes the ideas of liberty and equality appeared in the mind of ordinary people. In 1789 a mob stormed Bastille prison in Paris and the French Revolution started. In 1792 after the revolution France became a republic.


France is a republic today and it has a president. The French president has great power. He alone can give orders to use nuclear bombs. France is divided into 22 legions. Each town has a mayor whose job is taking decisions about the economy of the town. France also owns overseas department as well as...