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The main character in this story is no one else than Frankenstein's aunt. She is a very big woman who is very bossy and also very classy. She is as tall as the ceiling and as fat as two men. She is very old but she thinks that she is as capable as a young woman. She believes that whatever she says that can be done, it should be done. She is very strict and that is why some people fear and obey her (not including that she is a Frankenstein).

The plot of this story is very simple and very interesting. In "Frankenstein's Aunt", when she comes to the town, she comes because she wants to make the Frankenstein to be honored again and not feared. When she gets to the castle, she finds that it is in ruins and that it needs to be repaired.

There, she sends for her friend Franz, a very intelligent man whom later helps Larry Talbolt (a werewolf) to become a normal human being. She also wakes up the feared monster so that it can help rebuild the castle and to teach it poetry. They also encounter many monsters like count Dracula and many others. This story is very fun and entertaining.

I liked this book a lot because of many things that I encountered while I read it. For example, I liked very much that many of the characters that were in this story went directly to the point. In other books (like Harry Potter) it takes a long time so that the characters actually get to the point. Another thing that I liked was that when every chapter ended, it let you the suspense of what was going to happen, so that you keep reading (also called a page-turner). I think that I really like this book and these were only some things that I liked.

This book had some faults too. For example, the ending of the book is really stupid. It ends when aunt Frankenstein just jumps out of the chariot and gets off to another story. I liked the book a lot but it can't just end this way. This book ended terribly and I think that is why I think that the author should rewrite the final chapter.

I really recommend this book to many people. This book is for people that like adventure, fantasy, suspense and terror. I loved this book and I think that anyone that reads it will enjoy it as much as I did. I give this book two thumb up.