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Freedom I have been told many times that I should be thankful for the freedom that I have and that many have died in trying to preserve this freedom for me. What is this "freedom" that they praise so much? What is this word that is described as sacred, especially to us Americans? In this paper I will try to answer this question. Freedom to me, means having the right to perform our daily duties in a manner that is independent from constant subjection to the will of an unjust government. It secondly, means that people should be treated fairly and equally and that humans should respect the laws, as oppose to being self-conceited and focusing on their own freedom.

History classes love to glorify periods of war. In most of these wars, American troops are thought to be heroes, saving the world and fighting for something we have, and others don't, freedom.

We are constantly told that this freedom is important, even sacred. It seems to me that by this freedom it is meant that a government or state is allowing us privacy. It rules and protects us because otherwise the world would become chaotic. The law is precise, not vague, meaning that the ones that are elected to serve us cannot rule with iron fists over us, while not applying the same laws to themselves. That is what freedom means to me.

It provides Americans the right to choose what we do on a daily basis without breaking the law. It allows us to select our own religion, to eat the types of foods we wish to eat, and to live in the types of homes we were brought up in. This is what makes us different from one another and makes each other diverse and more interesting to be around. These are only a few basic examples of daily decisions we make in our lives, which freedom gives us the right to fulfill.

My third definition of freedom is similar to the Declaration of Independence and what Thomas Jefferson believed freedom should be. He stated that, "all people were created equal". If the Declaration of Independence has it right and Thomas Jefferson deserves the honor we give him, then we are equally free. If we were created the same and free, then it looks as if we are free and on an equal basis. Practically, that means that my neighbor has the same right to do the same things as I do. Poor or rich, beautiful or less beautiful, tall or sort, Catholic or Muslim, South African, Chinese, Indian or Romanian, men and women are all similar in one way. We are obviously different, but in regards to freedom, we are all the same because we were "created equal". Then, a friend does not punish or hit another because they are equal. So, no one should discriminate against others because in respect to freedom, we are equal.

So, I perceive freedom in three several ways. I understand it as independence from that tyrannical government that rules meanly with succinct laws and that, we Americans, all have this right. Taking into consideration this definition, it seems clear to me that it is every important to all of us. If it is important to all, then surely when we are reminded to be thankful for those that died to bring to the surface and preserve this freedom, we should be thankful.

I believe that I qualify for this program because I am a very dedicated person and am willing to put forth all the effort required to participate. I enjoy reading and writing, am a hard-worker and will be completely dedicated to doing anything required to be successful within this program. Therefor, I am a wonderful candidate and hope that I will have the honors to participate.