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One of my earliest memories I have with Elandra is when we went to a grocery store and rode the horse carousel outside the store. We laughed when people stared at us. We laughed so hard our eyes got teary. The next day we went back to the same store and our toy horses had a sign saying "out of order." Elandra and I fell to the ground dieing of laughter. While everyone walking by looked at like we were crazy.

I first met Elandra when I was in the sixth grade; the teacher sat us next to each other. Elandra was very shy. She hardly said two words to me. Throughout the school year we became closer until we weren't any where without each other. Elandra has a very unique look. It seems her hair color changes every month! I remember one time in the 7th grade she dyed her hair red, but it turned out purple! She is very short and has brown eyes.

She also has small feet. Just recently she got a tattoo on her hip of three shooting stars. Elandra loves stars because her middle name is star.

Elandra is not like most people. She doesn't like to follow the trends. She also is extremely funny. She and I love to have a good time. We like to push each other in shopping carts onto curbs so that we fly out on to the ground. Elandra is not afraid to make a fool of her self in front of people. I think that sets Elandra apart from every one else. Elandra is not afraid to be herself.

Elandra is my best friend. She has influenced me in many ways. I know Elandra will be there for me, and that has influenced me to always be...