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One of the blessings of being a human being is the ability to enjoy and treasure friendship. After the interaction with family friendship is the most basic form of relationship with which humans interact with the people of the society. All through one's life, one forms friendship with various people in various degrees. Some of them lasting a lifetime, others though not that enduring still equally treasured.

Though the definition of friendship and its essential elements vary from person to person, there are some universal traits present in all degrees of true friendship such as, honesty, loyalty, mutual respect and understanding. These are the foundation on which friendship is built. If the foundation is strong, then the friendship created can be one that is most enriching and rewarding.

It is true that a lifelong all-enduring friendship is rare, but throughout our lives there will be no one who will not be touched by the warm glow of this relationship.

Nowadays with increasing globalization gradual increase in nucleus families, friendship is becoming a very important basis of human relationship. In today's fast paced world, more and more people find strength, support, comfort, and joys in their friends.

There is nothing better to drive one ahead than the knowledge that one has friends to be there for them even if one should stumble on the way.