A Friendship promise

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He closed his eyes as he softly touched her face. Thinking about the last time he had held her in his arms, it was in the car. They were coming home from her soccer game and they sat in the back seat and he held her. Everything between them was falling apart but he had to hold her one last time just to say goodbye. He could tell that she knew it was over but she didn't want to accept it. What started out, as a friendship had grown into a deep caring for each other, maybe to deep? He didn't know what would happen to them, they had promised to always be friends...but that wouldn't happen. He got out before things got to serious but he had hurt her in the process. The night they decided to be just dating was hard but when he realized it wouldn't happen like that it was over.

When he saw her in school he could tell she was putting on a front that was how she was, stubborn as all hell. But he still had all the good memories to think back to. He still thought about the fireworks that forth of July. That was a fun night; he still could picture her on that blanket laughing as they made fun of people oohing and ahhing. Then came all the nights at her house in the pool...very rarely was it just the two of them but he never minded. He could still hear her sleepy voice answering the phone the night he called to tell her about the accident...he knew she was upset but he couldn't do anything but assure her he was ok. Every time he saw her with his visor on it took him back to that night at her...