Functions of Management

Essay by te118118 August 2005

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All the company and business has their own goal. In order for the business to reach their goal, they have to have a good management to run the company. What's Management? In fact management has four functions in it. If we can run those four functions as well as we can, then we can be easier to reach our business' goal. Those four functions are Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.

First able I want to explain on Planning. Planning is an idea, it is a scheme. Before we start a business, we have to find out what we need to do or sell on our company. Such as: selling food, electronics, or provide service etc... We have to determine how much expense we have, and how much money we can make. No one is going to just start a business which doesn't earn money. So before we start our business, we have to have a plan.

Also plan is not only considered our own, we have to consider our customers, suppliers, and employees. We also have to appraise the whole market within the world. The whole market in the world looks like a battle. We have to always plan what our organization need to do next. We have to predict the market, that's why we have to have couple plans on our hands, because market is changing every day, we have to find the best plan to suit the market. On other hand, plan means a road to reach the goal in the organization. Each of the plan and goal has to reach step by step. There is no shortcut for a company to get successful. So if we can have a consummate plan for our organization, I do believe we can reach our goal at the...