The Future of Management.

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Management is changing. It is evolving at the speed of technology and it seems that only the young will survive. With technology running rampant and employees demanding to be treated as equal, managers today and in our future are faced with creating new and innovative ideas to facilitate change and keep their employees challenged and productive while maintaining esprit de corps as well as increasing revenue.

Historically, managers were the ones who walked by and gave orders. Numbers measured productivity and employees were reprimanded if they were not performing efficiently. There were no incentives or bonus structures. Little interaction was done between the manager and the employee. The employees were task oriented, unable to talk or communicate without the fear of backlash from the managers. All management was required to wear suits and ties hence the stereotype given by the employees, "the suits" referring to the management staff. The general consensus from the management staff was "yours is not to questions why, yours is but to do or die."

However, times are changing. Upper level managers are realizing that in order to improve productivity, their employees need to be happy. We are learning that if an employee feels a loyalty toward their manager they are more likely to perform better. Companies are flattening and hiring more knowledgeable employees and these employees want to feel that they are worth something and need a strong leader to motivate and direct them. Today it is no longer about managing employees it is about leading them into the future. I see that this will be moreover the style and method for management.

Also, family needs are playing a great role in the future of management. All employees including managers are demanding companies to allow time for their families. Work and family are...