Futuristic Essay- Creative- Unedited Note: Essay is in the 2nd person

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Advance. 3506 A.D. 1500 years.

Your eyelids slowly pry themselves open. It takes you a few seconds before you realize who you are, and where you are. For a split second surprised overwhelms you as your TC-500 UeRo mattress flips up forcing you to wake yourself up faster then you want to. Its the same every morning. Wake up from your controlled dreams, force yourself to wobble into the kotchen and have your Foodotronic make you something from its limited list. If only you had gotten that promotion, you know you deserved it, everyone did, but this world has nothing to do with hardwork anymore; everything is according to birth, and you never knowing your father will never help you more then it will hurt you.

After you apply your self-bathing suit, consume your egg-flavored artifical breakfast (as "real" food has become scarce and only the rich get the privledge of eating it), and shave with your new Laser Gilette Hair-burner; you rush to your garage.

You stop for a minute, staring at your silver one-maned Cadillac. Light shined from its silvery paint. Its slim design seemed as if it could go lightspeed. herds of memories charge through your head of the week before, at the dealership. "Pshycos" you whisper under your breathe. You had got the car cheap. Real cheap. You knew there is something wrong with it, but you didn't care. 2 million was a steal. The door opens itself once it recognizes who you are and you step inside and lie down.

In a matter of seconds you arrive at work, and the door slides open. Everyday you are amazed at the emensity of the city. In yours, like every other major city, it has stopped growing wider and begun to grow upwards and downwards. This...