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Today's video game society is growing rapidly and there are countless different consoles and games that gamers can choose from. Gamers are expect better graphics and sound quality, but it's really hard to choose just by looking at game playing due to merit and defect of different games for each console. The best way to select the console is to look deep in to it. Today's newest game consoles are Xbox and Game Cube both look similar by just looking. In fact, the Game Cube is a little bit cheaper so people are looking forward to buying Game Cube instead of Xbox. However when you look more specifically, Xbox is way better than Game Cube even though the console is more expensive due to the quality of console system and better games that are focused on today's teenagers. Also Xbox is grand invention from Microsoft Company with brilliant ideas that will be sweet to the gamer's taste.

Xbox's have games are smoother, faster, and more colourful than anything you've ever seen. The pretty game software is enhanced by the Xbox's built-in hardware: an Ethernet port for LAN parties and broadband Internet games, a large hard drive for saved games, downloaded enhancements, characters, and four controller ports for accessories such as a microphone headset or additional game controllers. The optional DVD kit even lets you use your Xbox as a DVD player, making it a fully functional visual entertainment system.

The Gamecube will not use cartridges, and will in fact use a propriety mini-disk. The disk will hold 1.5 GB's of data. That's nearly twice the size of a regular CD, but less than half the size of a massive DVD, which holds 4.7 GB's of data. Nintendo is in it to make a gaming console ONLY. Nintendo has teamed up...