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The problem of today's society is the growth of gangs. Over the year's gang's population have increasingly grown. Gang crime rates have went up and so has youth

Murder rates. There are now several youngsters in jail, because of gang related crimes

The United States has one of the biggest gang problems in the world as of now. There

Are over 20,000 different groups involved in gang related crimes. But occurring to the latest statistics gang crimes has gone down. According to an Aol site Gang Related Gang related crimes have went up, violent crimes went up 19%

and Robbery is up 450%. Gang members are committing more crimes each year.

Factors that are contributing to gang growth are youth looking for a sense of protection,

Intimidation, peer pressure, Some join to make a name for themselves or give themselves a reputation, and sometimes it just runs in the family lines.


The government is doing there best to perform a gang crackdown and so has some states.

Some areas like New York have established task force groups that are made primary to take down gangs. Chicago has also established a task force also, they and a few other states with the help of Bill Clintons permission when he was in power. They are taken on the gang known as Disciples of Gangsters. A gang with over 30,000 members and they are currently the biggest gang in the United States beside the bloods. The United States have been establishing task forces all around the country to take on these groups. They

Also opened up some centers for youths trying to finds ways to get out of gangs.

Can someday America can be a gang free country? Every year a youngster is either shot or put in...